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Shelled Pecan Halves

Our beautiful, golden Shelled Pecan Halves are grown in Yoakum, TX on our family farm. Eat a handful of pecans as a heart healthy snack or use them in your favorite recipe. Our 5oz size is about 2 handfuls. It's a perfect size to carry in your purse for a snack on the go! Our 16oz size is the most popular size we sale. There's about 4 cups of pecans in this bag.

Shelled Pecan Pieces

Golden color, bite size Shelled Pecan Pieces are great for baking, enjoying a handful at a time or chop to smaller pieces for a delicious crust on fish, pork or chicken. Or can be added to salads, vegetable dishes, casseroles and desserts. They are grown on our family farm in Yoakum, TX.