In Shell Pecans

Freshly harvested In Shell Pecans come straight from our orchard. Our in shell pecans go through a cleaning process and get sorted to make sure you are getting the best quality pecans available. These paper-shell pecans make it easy to peel with a bold flavor. Our fresh in shell pecans make great snacks while watching sports, around a campfire, or any outdoor social event.

With so many health benefits, they make a great snack. Pecans contain many vitamins and minerals which research has found to be highly nutritional. Our magnificent pecans are also a good source of protein with few carbohydrates and no cholesterol or sodium.

We manage our pecans from planting, growing, harvesting and retailing every season. We specialize in bulk orders, corporate gifts and we have several different varieties of pecans to choose from. If you're looking for a specific variety, give us a call.

Shop online, by phone, or check our website for our scheduled market day events to purchase fresh Texas pecans. Don't forget to look for our Texan Nut Sheller tool to help you shell out these wonderful tasting pecans.

Always keep in the freezer for freshness. You can freeze them still in the shell or shelled out.

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